Tuesday, November 24, 2009

i`m back bitch.

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yeahhh , and i`m startin over FRESH.
neww post coming soon :)
Wednesday, July 1, 2009

summer job sucks

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but i ` m qettin money every week - 2OO sounds qood to mee .

. . feel mee ?

aint shit been going on forreal - except for this MAIN nigga of mine comin in and out of my life . buttttt - for somereason , i just cannot stop him . i love this nigga to deatttthhh and he qott some gooood - - - - hA !

2eace & love my niggas

i might be back with some real posts sooon / or i might just delete this shit cause i ' m neverrrr up here .
Friday, June 26, 2009

wassup ?

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i know we havent spoken for a while , but i was thinking about you and it kinda made me smile . so many things to say ; should `ve put it inna letter but , this might be easier cause words may come out better . how 's your mother ? how 's your little brother ? does he still look just like you ? so many things i wanna know the answers to . . I wish I could press rewind and rewrite every line to the story of me and you . excuse me , i really didnt mean to ramble on , but there are alot of feelings that have remained since you ' ve been gone . I guess you thought that I wouldve put it all behind me , but it seems there ' s always something right there to remind me . like a silly joke , or something on the tv - mann , this aint easy . when I hear our song I get that same old feeling . don ' t you know i 've kept all of your pictures ? dont have the strength to part with them yet . I still can ' t erase the way your kisses taste . I wish I could turn back the hands of time and i shouldnt be telling you i ' ve tried and i ' ve tried to get you out my mind but it dont get no better as each day goes by . . i ' m lost & confused , i ' ve got nothing to lose . I hope to hear from you soon . . .

p.s. - i ' m still not over you .
Tuesday, June 9, 2009


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was MAY29TH ; it took me a whille to post pics but here they are ..
if yu wanna see more you have to ADD me on myspace or facebook.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

like a breath of fresh FUCKING air .

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moving on with my lifeeeee - next time i won`t be so naive . . now on to better posts . seems like i `ve made this blog all about him & how much he pisses me off . . but hahaha - once you 've hit the bottom , you can only go up from here . .
STARTINGNEW. so you want a fucking update ? well here it goes ! i haven`t been doing SHIT , haha - well going to school & cheer then coming home & chillin . . i 'm saving mooolaah - because prom is NEXTfriday & i knowww , you guys have been waiting so see how this BADDBITCH is gonna look :) June18th needs to come a littttttttle bit more faster . . 2 more weeks of school , 3 more weeks til ` Graduation .. sounds good to mee . .
& so i `ve met some people . . nothing special , just a couple fellas to pass the time until i go to college. i `ve been watching "TheGame" alll week long & i kinda want what Melanie & Derwin have , but just not right noww - ANYWAYS , i 'm abstinent ! it 's harddddd - but i ' m doing it :)
i told youuuu - i 'm qonna make it ! fuck that dirty ass nigga . .
haha - i L yu followers for stickin in even when i wasn`t here .
ohhh & i ' m on twitterrrr ! twitter.com/omqaawdkaay
orrr myspacee - myspace.com/theeqirlyualwayswishedfor or something like that - that shit is old ! hahah .
Tuesday, May 19, 2009

havent posted in forever .

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how 's my life been , qood ? i quess . . exBOYFRIEND & I have officially ended our lonq winded relationship .
maybe it 's not supposed to happen because i dont want it to --- but , maybe it 's meant to be this wayy .
he doesnt want to be my friend - he doesn ' t wanna talk to me , but EY ! i cant force you to do anything you dont wanna do . .
regardless - i love the boy to deeeaath .
anywayss - since we ' ve broken upp , i 've been dating guyss .. . it 's kinda wierd thoo - i 'm only doing it to really keep myself busy . .
i dont want these guys forreal , but since i cant have what i want , i quess i have to settle .
on a better note - PROM IS NEXT WEEKEND ! and i will DEFINATELY have pictures of the long awaited dress that i ' ve been waiting to reveal to all of my followers . .
i 've also jumped on the TWITTER bandwagon, lol . . .
i thought i wouldnt , but heeey - it 's kinda funnn !
twitter.com/omqaawdkaay . .hah .
anyways - SOL WEEK & i definately don thave school til 1O . . soo aim or texttt .
laterr .
Saturday, May 9, 2009

i ` m qonna catch up .

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i 've just been soo bussyyyyy !
i 'll be back soon , i swear i 'm not avoiding you .