Friday, January 30, 2009


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we have a game today - against wack ass salem . the game is going to be boring - im going to be bored cause im starting to HATE cheerleading . . these mu'fXckas wanna call a practice on a day when we dont have school . . fucking whores - well im gonna go take my boyfriend some band-aidS & then i gotta go to practice .. bbL !
Thursday, January 29, 2009

exams are overrr !

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I've so missed you guys ; that's why I've pretty much been blogging all day ! I've been studing so hard ! now I have the time to blogg ! yay. . some of my exams were hard , the other ones where easy [ like my fashion class ] like everyone KNOWS what a juliet sleeve is! hah . well maybe not - but, Im excited that they are over ! and I dont know how many times Im gonna say this - but ; im READY TO GRADUATE ! ugh - I finally sent off my VState application ... now I hope i get in . . PRAY FOR ME YOU GUYS!
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bwwhahah !

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i wass reading this blog earlier on someone eLse's page - this site is hilarious ! myhead is hurting now from even looking at it ! go visit it ! you'll be weak for daayys !

I dont want no Bubble Double .

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I'd hate to be her kidd . *smh*

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' what a quesadilla ?'

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oh no this bitch didnt ! my sister and I were sitting in the house looking for food to eat . it's like somalia in the bitch ! aint no food NOWHERE ! This crazy bitch Tiera openS the fridge & is like - 'Oh, you wanna quesadilla' . now when im thinking quesadilla - im thinking , meat and cheese . oh hellllllll no ! she onlY put cheese in it ! lOl; it's pita bread & cheese ! ahhahahaah-im so weak right now yo ! i swear she was tearing it up ! bahaha. .all I know is-her ass gone be constipated for the rest of the week . now, she sittin beside me trying to explain herseLf! like I just aint see her make that damn "quesadilla"--- try it at home folkS !

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Monday, January 26, 2009


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This very handsom fellow here is a friend of mine who goes by the stage name is Sincere. I knew him in high school, WAYY WAYY before that, as Sam. lol, I knew he had alot of talent - but not in the music industry. You learn something new every day you know ! he is VERY talented and I enjoyed listening to his song today (it has a ring to it !) so I decided to share it with my bloggers . He has some tracks that are getting a lot of peoples attention here in the 757. His approach to rapping is different from most, which really makes him appealing in other ways besides his looks, but to every genre of music lOl. Look for him to burst on the scene very soon as his club banger "WHEN I BALL" ft Tazzy B. It should be hitting the Local Radio Stations very soon . So, keep your eye open - This kids gonna go far ...
Sunday, January 25, 2009


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Jeraud DaNcing .

You cant really see this ! but, it's my sillyass boyfriend dancing to Kanye West !
he cant sing so i dont know WHERE he gets this from . .
lOl -just listen I guess .
Saturday, January 24, 2009


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The movie wasn't at all what I had expected . It was rather good , but still wasnt what I expected . Big was one NASTY nigga . and I also dont understand why lil'Kim didnt like the way she was "portrayed" in the movie . All I'm sayin is - if the shoe fits ; its mostlikely you . I might go see the movie again really soon because I did miss like the first 20 minutes b/c my boyfriend got mad at me over some dumb shit . . .

go see it if you havent already !

" obama made me proud "

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hilarious , but cute ! parents let their kids do anything .


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This game is addicting as hell ! im on it EVERY DAY in studyblock . . I feel like a nerd for sharing this ! like one of those kids who plays dunqeons and dragons all the time . haha ! once you start playing you cant stop ! i think i made it to level 10 before ! lOl .
Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I am TRUE to my RELiGiON !

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I have never been the person of expensive pants . the MOST I'd pay for some jeans is atleast 30 dollars from Charlotte Russee . . buy one get one 1/2 off ! lol for someODD reason I have fallen In LOVE with True Religion Jeans . I got a pair for my 17 birthday jus because I was Shopping at the Prime Outlets in Williamsburg and I had cash to blow . . but , mann once I started wearing them . . . I CANT STOP ! They are the BEST ! they fit the body soooo nice , make you appear slimmer and taller and makes my DONK appear much bigger than it already is . . if you havent already purchased a pair go out and buy some ! you' ll love them ! and DONT buy them from OVER PRICED upagainstthewall . . b/c the outlet has them on sale for 89dollars !

&nd I ♥ my Trues !

MTTMNYC [ buzz worthy ]

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this is most DEFINATELY a must have in the Kyerra Collection .

it's coming sooner that I'm expecting .

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June 18th 2009 my graduation from high school and moving on into the REAL WORLD. iI have already planned some things . . but, for some reason I dont think what I have planned is going to work with what I have going on right now ! I am so READY to be an adult & I think everyone else you isnt an adult would LOVE to be one too . . taking on major responsiblilities , living on your own without parents, staying out late at night, paying bills . just being the responsible people that your parents raised you to be Part of my biggest fear of being a " young adult " is being without my mom . She may get on my nerves sometimes , and cuts me off when I speak , but I honestly dont think I will be able to live without her ! Everytime we fight, She pulls a " CANT WAIT FOR YOU TO GRADUATE" even though deep , I mean very deep down inside she doesnt want me to leave. I know I can handle myself very well as an adult&also as a young lady while im away in college. I'm just gonna miss her sooooo MUCH! today, my boyfriend asked me to take some of his college papers down to the guidance counselers office in school .. and I was reading them { idc if I wassnt supposed to ! ] and he picked the college that he's going to. anyone heard of Bethune-Cookman ? well , this is my first time hearing about it . it's Located in Daytona Beach, Florida -- and alSo waaaaaaaaay far away from where I will be . reality just struck me 3 times hearder than it ever had before . . we are really going to be leaving each other this year ? I dont know what I am going to do without him ? it's really been on my mind ALLLLL DAY LONG ! im confused - hurt - sad - and scared ! Im scared that he will go down to Florida with all the Beautiful Women and fall into what I would call "lust" but him LOVE. I honestly think that we were meant to be together . hopefully we'll talk about it . . cause I cant live without him ♥

and alSo , Jazmin Fairfeild will kick our asses b/c we're her ' favorite couple ' lOl.
I love you Jazmin & Im DEFINATELY gonna be staying at your crib this weekend so I can fxCk with chico ! haha .

pretty much the BEST part of the whole Inagauration Cermony . . .

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now people, it his what REAL love is all about ! a woman standing behind her man EVERY little step of the way and not covering his spotlight.. but LATER getting recongnized for it . .

I wish it was like that in the reaaaaal world !


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I have 10 followers ; I know it's small ! but whatever ; thank you anyway !

it's new daaaaay .

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today was a very eventfull day . .
now , President Barack Obama took his oth of office . thank GOD - Virginia Beach Public schoolS called a Snow Day . [ it didn't even snow ] . I feel like this is a part of history that I am qonna tell my children .. and my childrens children about . I may not have voted this year due to the fact that im 17 years of aqe but, if I could have voted , Barack would've been my first choice NO QUESTIONS ASKED !

I was extremely suprised today at his sature . If I were the persone becominq the President of the United States , I'd be EXSTATIC - maybe because Im just a cornball & I would be qeekinq most of the time . . haha . The thinq that qot me the most out of watchinq all the Coveraqe on EVERY station was the fact that Obama actually qot out of his car alonq with his wife & walked down a street ! that's just amazinq - me , I'd be scared like shit * ! [oops did I curse?] do you know how many REDNECK WHITE PEOPLE are tryna kill him riqht now ? that was a BIG STEP. also, his speach was very well needed ! I like the way he carried Bush on the whole Economy Crisis . I bet it prolly went riqht over Bush's head too ! lOl . it seemed like everyone in the whole world who didn't attend the Presidential Inaquaration was qlued to their television set watchinq every little step Mr. & Ms. Obama took today . History was made today and im soo proud of President Barack Obama for overcominq everythinq that he'd been throuqht throuqhout the whole presidential election ! this qoes to show you that you really can do ANYTHING that you want when you put your mind to it . =D

and I qot by far the funniest text messaqe alll day . . .
" do you know why it's so cold outside ? cause the "crackers said it'll be the coldest day in hell before a black man becomes the president . . . BUNDLE UP BITCHEZ "

. . . silly , but made alooooot of sense .
Saturday, January 17, 2009

when your bored . . . BAKE SOMETHING !

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Today, I got really bored - and decided to call my Grammeye and make her a cake . It was supposed to be a group effort along with my Sous Chef and My Executive Chef , Tiera & Mom , but, they were NO HELP AT ALL ! I did it alll by my selffff ! =D
Wednesday, January 14, 2009

now , this is about the STUPIDEST thing .

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you probably already know (NO OFFENSE) only white people would put a dame shocking dogg collar around their knecks ! I swearrrrr this makes me question if some of the people in these videos have the intelligence or instinct to say no !


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I am completely FURIOUS riqht now. I lost my house key, being the 'irresponsible person' that I am says my mother . I talked to my sister and asked to borrow her key since she'd already be home . . she says 'NO, i will just open the door for you or if im not here , i will leave it in the mailbox' . my intuition told me to just leave a lock opened on the back door, but knowing the fact that she's ALWAYS at home , I just left ( I was running late anyways ) . As my day ends , Im texting her while Im in school to make sure she left the key in the mail box - low and behold ! she pulled a ' I forgot' . So , I called to see if she could come home - honestly I dont think she knows that it's 30 degrees outside and I for one REFUSE to sit outside in the cold . she says 'no - I cant come home ' . . basically I found a way to get in thee house . . and when she gets home im going to curse her ass out then im just gonna search for my key .

would I be wrong if I did ?
Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm taking a trip to BestyVille

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I am a BAG FANATIC ! I'm constantly asked ' where'd you get your bag from ' . . I hardly NEVER spill my beans . Lately , I have been fasinated by Betsy Johnson Collection . I love her & her fucking lightening blots . shXts tha BEST ! I FINALLY got up the nerve to beg my mom for one . . and hell ! she GOT IT ! we not RICH around here - no doubt ; them bags are EXPENSIIIIIIVE ! thank god they sell them at TJMAXX ! she never fails to amaze me .

to keep myself busy in study block ;

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10 things you wish you could say to 10 different people:
♥ fuck you!
♥ fuck you !
♥ fuck you
♥ What a waste of 2 minutes!
♥ fuck you!
♥ fuck you !
♥ Ewww, what a ho!
♥ fuck you!
♥ fuck you !
♥ and fuck you too !
9 things about yourself:
I talk ALOT ! but not enough to qet on someones nerves .
my feelinqs qet hurt easily i just REFUSE to let them qet the best of me .
I can be very insecure sometimes
I never really had a father .
Everyone really thinks that I am Puerto Rican when Im really Dominican&Black . lOl
I really hate GRITS because it reminds me of old women's vaginas .
I wear my Jeans at least 4 times before I wash them .
I qet really scissor happy when it comes to qettinq my hair done .
Riqht now : i need a PEDICURE !
8 ways to win your heart:
say something worth saying. or something smart.
remember something i've said. let's me know that you listen.
make me laugh bc i'm silly.
confidence is sexy :) don't let me intimidate you.
have an open mind.
on a date, take me somewhere outside the norm (dinner/movie).
open the door for me
spend time chillen with me not tryna 'WOO' me into havinq sex with you because IT WONT WORk !
7 things that cross your mind often:
I wonder what Im wearing tomorrow ?
Money .
if i am . . .
lately, him
am i making the right decision?
success in high school & College
am I really qoinq to have enough money to move away from Virginia to Florida after highschool ?
6 things you do before you go to sleep:
wrap my hair
Brush my retainer
check my facebook and Myspace at least 4 times
Take a shower
watch television
and call HIM !
5 people you couldn't live without:
my parents
my sisters
& Jeraud Simmons .
4 things you're wearing right now:
blue jeans
white socks
black and blue h&m hoodie
all black chuck taylors .
3 songs that fit your life perfectly:
'Paranoid' Kanye West
'Halo' Beyonce
'Never Wouldve Made It ' Marvin Sapp
2 things you want to do before you die:
Swim with Dolphins
travel the world
1 confession.
Im so afraid for my boyfriend to leave me (for anything be it colleqe, or just breaking up ) because I dont think noone else in this world can love me like he does .
Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dont Interrupt . . . RUDE !

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so , sometimes I just qet bored -- and I search . YouTube has some of the funniest//wierdest thinqs on this site . ENJOY !


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

. . . just to qed by

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now that we are back in school - I really realized how much I fuckinq HATE IT ! maybe that's why im workin so damn hard to qed out of there !
riqht now, im sittinq in my English 12 class . . supposed to be doinq this worksheet on thee Renaissance Era but , I don't know this shit ! my enqlish teacher BARELY speaks any enqlish . . so , everthinq that she says just qoes completely over my head . . but , im beinq a kiss ass - I do all her arrands and faxes and qrade all her papers so she's passinq me with a B ! lOl .
it's funny tho cause everyone else in thee class HATES her but, mee - I just be chiiiiiillen . . aqreeinq with whatever she says . .

well, at least I know ima qraduate on tiiiime =]
Sunday, January 4, 2009

Korrie put me on to this .

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over the break my cousin , some of you may know , K.Ka$h also known as Korrie , put me on to this video . at first when I saw it was like "Ko, turn that shit off " BUT , then I actually watched it and I was too weak .
maybe you'll enjoy it also
ps : t-Pain better watch out - he's got a run for his money .

Saturday, January 3, 2009

new year - new US !

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since it's 2009 - we leaving all dat bullshit behind .
just me & my bae .