Wednesday, December 31, 2008


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Tonight , I will be hanging out with my bestfriend Jazmyn, my homiiiie Alana , and whomever else decides to come through thee spot . well , alot of pictures will be up later !
check them out .
and feel free to hit me up during the night . I wanna see what the world is doing .
my e-mail is
they go DIRECTLY to my sidekick.
as soon as i get them - i WILL respond .
laterr !

" OOH . you cussed "

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Na Na is hilarious .
I love her .


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I have bangs now .

i know im late but, MERRY CHRISTMAS !

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my christmas wass theeeeee bomb !
i got hella moneyyy$$ i got a lot of clothees & shoes .

and besides that - i got to chill w| my familyy . .

here are some pictures of my closettt . =]

Monday, December 29, 2008

you dirty perve !

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The last night I was in a HORRIBLE situation . I have never in my life come across an old perverted man . This is how the story goes . . .

well , since it is the holiday season I decided to take a trip over to my grandma's house and stay for a couple days . [ My grandmother is ALWAYS delighted to get my company ] So , I went over to her house on Saturday night with no intention of leaving the next day . Sunday afternoon , my 4rd oldest sister [ yup ! it's a lot of us ] texts my 3rd oldest sister whom is visiting us from west virginia saying she was coming to get us at 3:oopm when she gotten off work . . So, 3 rolls around and we roll out to visit one of her friends . . The neighborhood where this fellow resided was NEVER a good neighborhood . anyone ever heard good things about Berkley ? I didn't think so . As we pulled up infront of his home , he comes outside and greets us . im still a little bit "iffy" about going in his home . for all I know it could be a trap house ! I didn't want to ruin my sisters fun with her friend so I proceeded to go in anyway . As I walked through the door , the aroma of alcohol , cigarettes and weed smacked me across the face along with the booming sounds of Snoop Dogg . Standing in the living room from what I could see whas a drunk old man standing directly next to a very nicely decorated Christmas Tree . As my sisters "friend" introduces us ; the old man starts to grab and hug them . . but, me - im not too fond of hugging people BETTER yet not hugging old drunk men . after my sisters give the man what he wants [ which was a hug ] he reaches in for a hug from me . so I politely force my hand out for him to shake it and he pulls a " naa, I don't accept those " . I started to back up feeling VERY uncomfortable - so suddenly this old fart qrabs me and starts rubbing my hair and breathing on my kneck . . my first instinct was to push him off of me ; so I did ! and I politely excused my self from his home . as I'm walking out the door , he is talking to my sisters saying " check your girl , she needs some help "
WTF ? now, was I wrong ?

bridezilla .

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girls like this make me wonder why these men want to even be with these girls . I've been in the house watching the marathon on Oxygen ALL DAY LONG ! I hope I never become like that .
Sunday, December 28, 2008

" I swear I'd never fall again - but this dont even feel like falling "

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1October 19th 2k6
this boy became the light of my life - the reason I live , my EVERYTHING ! i dont know what i would do with out him . seems like when my world is turning upside down , he can come in and put a huge smile on my face and make everything all better. we argue like a married couple but, the next day when we wake up - it's like it NEVER even happened . we understand each other . it's funny cause he KNOWS when im lying . in a few months i will be going to Virginia State and he will be going WHEREVER he decides to go . I reallly hope we never fall apart like other high school 'sweethearts' do . I dont think we are the average couple like everyone else . . our relationship has potiential & i think it will survive everything that God has in store for us . there is always someone with the mentality of "KNOWING EVERYTHING ABOUT US " listen here -- you don't know SHIT ! I feel like there is alooooot of PEOPLE who just don't want to see me happy . but , when im with him - I feel like im on the highest mountian peak wayy above the clouds . . I know he doesn't like really mushy stuff - but, I sometimes when he's around me . . . I CAN'T HELP IT ! it's just comes with it . lOl - there is nothing better to say about him . HE'S PERFECT ! & I LOVE HIM .
when im with you I feel like I can fly a plane , race a train , travel through a galaxy and make the stars spell out your name "

my first bloq .

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well hello ,
if you havent already fiqured out who i am , im Kyerra . You've probably seen me around somewhere since im rarely at home . I am a 17 year old Senior at Green Run High School. Im quessinq im supposed to tell what is qoinq on in my life riqht noww - which is ALOT so ; within the next week or so -- you will be hearinq ALOT from me ! there's really not much that i can say about myself. from the looks of it as you read you will qet to know me very well !