Saturday, March 28, 2009

rest in peaaaaSe ,

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i can ' t even believe that it has actually been a year . it doesn't seem that lonq aqo since i was huqqinq you before first block evryday at Norview . til ' this day - i hate myself . because i stopped talkinq to you , the week before you past because you forqot one day to qive me a hug. i beat myself up about it every singlee day . i ' m so sorry . Louis , i lovee youu ! & save me a spot up there right next to you budd !


gone but , NEVER forqotten .
Friday, March 27, 2009

false alarm .

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so wednesdayy - i qot a letter in the mail from NSU !

and i was soooo scared to open it . .

like nervous as hell !

finally i opened it . .

it was NOTHINg but a letter sayinq they lost my transcript and needed a new one .

i was furious !

Thursday, March 26, 2009

i can ' t wait to college .

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if it 's really qonne be like thiss - then i 'm readdyYy !

Mr. Solo Dolo.

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this video is kinda tough .
Monday, March 23, 2009

complete .

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remember back when i wrote about the little
boyfriend issue,
that i was havinq .
well , i finally qave it up .
this whole weekend has really proved everythinq to me .
i 've never in my life had anyone treat me so bad .
he does it and he
to realize how much he hurts me and my feelinqs.
i didn ' t really talk to him this wholeee weekend.
but , i saw him twice- and we didnt speak .
so , sunday - i was stranded far far far away from my house .
around like 1 in the morninq .
i called , and called and called .
he iqnored every last one of my calls .
and i ' m thinkinq like -
is this someone that i really want ?
someone who iqnores me when i reallyneed him ?
someone who isn ' t there for me at all?
someone who isnt at all happy for me , but always wants me to be happy for him?
someone who doesnt like to listen to me but , always wants me tolisten to him ?
so , last niqht -
i called it quits!
i ' m completely & utterly DONE !
. . and i mean it this time .
i ' m so emotionally drained
that when - i said it , i didn ' t even cry .
i didn 't feel one sinqle ounce of sympathy
because i can ' t anymore .
i ' m quessinq my feelinq for him are dwindelinq away .
and i dont even care .
i can ' t continue to let someone who claims they are
" in love with me "
hurt my feelinqs and make me feel like shit .
i ' m tired of my emotions beinq fondeled like toys .
i ' m tired of hearinq about him talkinq to other qirls..
The End .

eff - are - ee - ee ; that spells free !

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andd , i prolly wont be updatinq this week .
we have HEAVY duty practice due to
the unexpected SPRING pep rally .
yaaah .
Sunday, March 22, 2009


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i never really
any materialistic thinqs to prove how successful i am .
[ trust me ]
i love nice things .
and having those nice thinqs is even better .
i 've never come across anyone so
in my 17 years of living .
life is all about ,
[you qet the point ]
i dont need all of that stuff to make me a better person.
your clothes, shoes , this , and that , is alllllllll qonna be
on earth when you die .
wtf are you qoinq to do with it in heaven ?
or hell , prehaps =/
i just want to be clear with that .
this isnt for the person who has alot of stuff . .
or shops alot . .
this is for that ONE , who likes to FLAUNT .
my parents did a rather
a w e s o m e
JOB ,raising me to be who i am today .
i may not have all the things in the world .
but , i ' ve never WANTED for anything .
. . . my attitude makes up for what i lack .
kyerra .
Thursday, March 19, 2009

jumpoff & freak pages ?

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whas up with them ?
you niqqas apparently have
of time on your hands .
i d g a f
bout it forreal ; cause i aint up there .
but , it's hella funny how niqqas try to blame it on everyone else but ,
i ' m jus ' mad as hell dis niqqa at my school ,
told the police officer that
i ' m waaaaaaaaaay too cute for that shit . .
wayyy too smart !
and i donttttttt care about NO BODY 'S ELSE PUSSY !
wtfff !
niqqas need to qet off that childlike mentality and grow the fuck up !
thanks .
Saturday, March 14, 2009

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by far
the funniest site
i ' ve been on since
check both of them out !

this dear college search of mine . .

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isn ' t qoinq too well .
i keep searching these different colleges and applying
and , i ' m not qetting the POSITIVE feed back that i deserve !
i ' m gettin depressed .
and this isn ' t qood .
so far - i ' ve applied to Virginia State , Norfolk State , Virginia Union , & The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale , Florida .
i qot denied Virginia State .
[ and this was my first choice ]
I qot Accepted to The Art Institute
problem is - it 's far away .
is a huge step away from Virginia .
i ' ve always wanted to live in Florida , and right in the port of Miami !
-- i have the chance now , but i ' m not so sure that i want to take it .
I just sent my info to NSU this week , so hopefully - i qet in there !
but , if Virginia Union responds sooner than Norfolk State , then i ' m qoin there .
please pray for me .
my mind is on overload .

and he strikes again .

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So, Sam SINCERE Walker is really taking Virginia by storm in a short period of time ... The song Fresh on campus was on 103 jamz the other day and its getting some spins. The mixtape titled THE LAST SEMESTER is coming out soon, which is a collaboration of Sincere, Deron (DMG) and others ... Even though this COLLABO mixtape is highly anticipated SINCERE is branching off and showing you the REAL HIM in his mixtape SINCERELY YOURS which drops soon after the release of THE LAST SEMESTER ... He told me that his mixtape is more about venting his real life situations then making RADIO FRIENDLY MUSIC ... In his mixtape he wants you to understand where he's coming from and what is going on at this point in time ... I think he has the looks to make it in the industry and the lyrics to back it up ... I really hope to see big things from my ''old'' friend

if you 'd like to listen here it qoes .
She just wanna dance (UNOFFICIAL REMIX): Drake ft. Trey Songz & Sincere

Fresh On Campus: Sincere, Taz B, Deron
Friday, March 13, 2009

i just realized . . .

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it AINT even worth it !
update [ march 14th 2009 ]: well maybe it is ?
Thursday, March 12, 2009

i need a prom date .

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as soon as possible .
Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Betsey strikes ; yet again .

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while online shopping - i came across such a beautiful sight . something i 've NEVER seen before ! this bag is THE BOMB ! omg , i jus ' felll in love all over again . . $375.00 ! time to start saving !

the new episode tonight !

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i will most DEFINATELY update tomorrow !
btw ; i ' ve qot to stop telling people they make me so mad that i want to throw up on their faces . . i jus ' realized - it 's DISGUSTING ! L M F A O
U P D A T E : so , as expected Boston & Ailea qo the boot . i really thought that Cookie was qoinq to press charges on them [ quess i was wrong ] ! Ailea was the bitch who kinda threw Boston under the bus . & i bet once Boston watches everything that Ailea told the police , that bxtch qot a lot coming for her ! Ashley & Sarah honestly have NO REASON to be mad with Amber M . she didn ' t do any thing to them sooo - those bitches are unimportant . i ' m qlad Tiffany finally said something to Ailea about the way she was acting . She called that bxtch out and she couldn ' t do nothing but , do what Tiffany asked her . i think that they allllllll are scared of Tiffany ' cause she is the REALEST in the house . . the rest of them bxtches can qo suck a egg . i ' m glad Ailea & Boston went home . . neither one of them bitches can fight . loord .

so far so qone .

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i never was on that ' Drake ' bandwagon .
but , i listened to his new mixtape . . and it ' s pretty qood .
i didn ' t fall in l o v e .
but - his raps made a lot of since .
i ' m still qoinq to stick to my c l a s s i c k s .
B.I.G. & Jay-Z .
sorry drake .
no love here .

We Are Norfolk

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check out my brothers blogg ! like myself - they are new to the blogging scene & the deserve exposure because they are funny as hell ! if you visit you will be weak as hell for the most part !

check them out .

i ' m done .

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it 's no reason in the world for me to even try anymoree . . all the things he said to me last week is really hard for me to believe . i can ' t do it .

. . . i qet off punishment on SUNDAAAY !calllll meee =]
Saturday, March 7, 2009

U P D A T E ;

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well , lets start off by sayinq , i ' m officially single . we ' ve been dating since the 1oth grade . separate schools most of the time , but we made it ! now that we go tot the same school - our relationship had gotten REALLY rocky . between some of his ' friends ' trying to talk to me - not "knowing " i was his girl , to people telling me things about him and girls and telling him things about me and other boys . . we really started to fall apart . everything was ALL good before . but now i must say - we are at the lowest of lows .
basically , we broke up because he doesnt think my parents like him .. but , in all r e a l i t y ; THEY DO ! they speak highly of him all the time , always asking what he is doing and what he has been up to . really , it 's his parents that DONT LIKE Me! but whatever , do you know how many people in this world dont like me ? i could really give two shits . so - we broke up like Feb18th and i haven ' t reallly talked to him since . .
so this week i met this new guy who 's really cool - he 's one of his friends . i 've seen him around school plenty of times and i never spoke . he is acually on the basketball team that i cheer for . lOl . but besides - he 's really cool & we 've been chatting here and there on myspace and what not . someone ; out of the blue decides to tell this Ex of mine that i ' m messing with one of his friends . . you know i ' m laughin because how the hell can you get the idea that i am talking to someone based off of some damn myspace comments ? so , i ' m just extremely weakk at this .
since i dont have my cell phone right now , this EX texts my sisters cell phone asking her do i talk to this fellow . . My sister NEVER relays messages well - the next day she tells me that he texts . . i wasn ' t really thinnking about it ! because i was too busy shopping for my prom dress that i didn ' t care . like and hour and a half later he texts again & i responded . . then he 's saying that he wants to talk to me about where we stand in our relationship . . okay , well - i ' m willing to talk - but , i really dont have much to say . .i never u n d e r s t o o d the phrase " if a boy is mean to you , that means he likes you " , thas prolly the DUMBEST shit i ' ve EVER heard ! lately he was like ignoring me and stuff - so , i was just like fuck it ! i give up . so he was textiing me or whatever and i ' m not going to get into detali about what he said because it is kinda personal . . but , what he said really qot to me and made me think !
i didnt know what to say back in a since like this . . i was dazed & confused . i know if you ' ve ever REALLY been in love you know what it feels like when you break up with that person & they say = well i just want to be your friend? well , now he does . i told him that i didnt want to be his friend at all ! like - i can 't . i didn ' t realize how much i was in love with him until i just said " i dont want to be your friend " , i just CANT ! coming from always being your WIFEY since 10th grade to being belittled down to something so little as being a friend , HURTS ! i 've been trying to stray away from him a little . . . but , i dont think it 's working ! i know i love him - and i dont think i can live without him ; but , i just really think i need some space right now . . it'll help me realize what i want , and what i want to do , and who i want to be . . so for right now - my relationship is on hold ... status remains single .

it 's beautiful outside . .

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. . and i ' m still qrounded ! my mom isn ' t lettinq me do ANYTHING ! well , thas understandable being that what i did was reaallyyy BAD ! hopefully i qet off soon . .
other than that - Virginians enjoy the weather !

Friday, March 6, 2009

apparently ,

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Rihanna and Chris Brown are back together . . .

. . . and married
in all honesty , i ' m so tired of hearing about these two .
please , FAMOUS PEOPLE ! - smoke some crack , beat your kids - SOMETHING - it 's getting old .
Wednesday, March 4, 2009

when your bored .

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post pics !

the bad girls club .

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i already know i ' m not thee only one who watched it . .
i keep up with EVERY single showw , but last nights show was by far the best show that has aired this season . .
Ashley has now chosen to side with the 'fab5' which originally consists of Sarah , Tiffany, Ailea , Boston .

they play praNks on one of the Ambers that I think is a little bit too childish - if a bitch fucks with my clothes she is BOUND to get her ass spanked . even though Amber gets on my nerves about how much her clothes cost - that was still wrong !

I thought that everyone would be alllll good by going to Cancun but, in the back of my mind i knew that something wasnt going to be right . .
Tiffany is really starting to change and acting extra childish even though she was the ' mama ' of the house & everyone goes to her for guidance and blah blah blah ..

we all knew drama would start between the Ambers and The fab 5 in Cancun .

iuno why the fuck Ashley so damn PISSED over a fucking wet body contest . . and tiffany needs to chill out about that fucking Ice .. if you didnt do it oh wellllll move on ; what do you have to prove ?

the fight was VERY unfair ! iuno wtf Ailea thought she was doing but , she aint really do shit if you look at it !
Boston had noooooo right to touch the other Amber . .
but , Amber should go home too because Tiffany wasn 't really trying to do anything but break up the fight .
and Amber hit Tiffany first . .
and for the other Amber to be so ' in love ' with Cookie . . she didn 't help her at all !
i just cant WAIT till next week when i find out who gets sent home and who gets charges pressed against them . .

i think Ailea , Boston & Cookie should go !
what about you ?