Wednesday, April 1, 2009

bad qirls club reunion .

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so , i took my shower


jus' so i could watch it !
for some reason - i just felt like Tiffany was beinq SO FAKE !
like - she was tryna be all hard when she was sittinq on that couch next to Sarah and Ashley
and thennn - when they all left off the stage at the end .
herself and Cookie were talkinq about
"fixing their relationship"
thas some straight
and , i bet this 2 dollars that i have in my bag right now ,
that Cookie punk ass fell for that shit .
& Kayla with her explaination of a fuckinq so called alter ego like Beyonce .
wtff ?
bitch , YOUR KAYLA !
aint no fuckinq alterego.
haha .
i 'm like wtff ? yu are NOT famous .
you do NOT have a nice side and a mean side .
you just one nasty ass qhetto broad who thinks she 's the shit .
Ashley , didn ' t have ANY reason to butt in on Kayla when she was talkinq to Tiffany .
i felt like she just wanted to say somethinq
just because she took Kayla ' s spot on the show . .
but , besides that . . the rest of them bitches are wack !
and none of them hoes are doinq ANYTHING with themselves .
that whole show pissed me off !

1 commentsbad qirls club reunion .

  1. diplomatikk says:


    she's dumb ass shit & ashley was right. that whole "black girl" thing was some bullshit, & cookie did handle her sorta' .

    April 1, 2009 at 7:49 PM

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