Sunday, February 1, 2009

I have come to the conclusion that . . .

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Im so gonna start taking care of myself more . Health wise, dieting more , [ I think I excercise enough ] maybe some more of that even tho I dread after school workouts with my team , spiritually, my skin, my hair & most of all my nails .

I used to get my naiLs done alllllll the time over the summer ! since I started helping out with the Varsity and Junior Varsity Football team in the fall . . nails WERE NOT a good look at all . They'd pop & break & chip -- all that ! and pluss , running water out onto the feild&filling the bottles up with nails on his kinda hard ! Im one of VERY original style. and I have always had different nails than the designs that the chinese people do ! lOl - I like the 'Plain Jane' french tip look too - but, Im starting to get into a lotttttt of colors . . for some reason people expect me to wear just the plain kind Im guess frome the way I look . . Just the same way I do my Best friend - she always wears the BOMB colorful naiLs & she is just as quiet as a church mouse & the sweetest person alive . .

she looks like the 'Plain Jane' french tip kinda girl - but LOOK AT HER NAILS !? it cracks me up every timmme - anyways I LOVE MY BESTFRIEND ! back to subject , there's this girl that she goes to and does her nails . she' VERY original ! and as soooooon as wack ass cheerleading is over IM GETTING MY NAILS DONE ! no questions asked . . im not giving out her name cause i dont want no JOCKIN bitchez up here to steal it . ..
lOl - thank youuuuuuu =]


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