Friday, February 27, 2009

Since I've Been Gone . .

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a hell of alot of stuff has happend. . let me update you .
welL , remember that blog I posted at the beginning of my entries - well yeahh - WE BROKE UP !
shits not even worth tryinq anymore . Im not mad at all about anythinq with the whole situation & why we broke up , neither is he but - the DUMB SHIT about being friends gets me .
I'm So Sorry , but Im NOT your fucking friend - never will be .
either you love me or leave me alone straight up !
still love you - but , thas just how it's qonna be from now on

got my prom dress ! I'm EXTREEEEEMELY excited ; I dont yet know who I'm qoin with . hmmmm?
anyways - I picked it out !

oh yeah - did I mention the fact that I was GROUNDED
until March15 , No Phone until June . . WTF ?!
lOl - dont ask whyyy , lonq storyy . .
and it's the same reason why WE broke up .
but anyways I'm off that subject !

Im OUTRAGED that I havent yet qotten my acceptance letter from VState .
does that mean that Im not accepted ? well = IDK ?
theres more but Im tired of typinq - so I will update you YET again later .


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