Friday, February 13, 2009


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I really havent been on here lately . I'm sooo so so so SO stressed outtt ! preparing for college is not a joke . . I currently dont have a job & it's getting harder and harder everydayy ! Cheerleading is starting to a take a toll on my body ; I've been back and forth to the doc's office multiple times. I wasnt quite informed when FAFSA forms were due . low & behold , due FEB.15TH! wtf ? it's just ALOT of thinqs qoinq on in my life right now . Growning up is HARD !

since I have been so stressed out , I took the time out of my weekend to treat myself to a little makeover . I've never been one to wear extensions , but I LOVE the way these look on me !

that good milkyway !


I just started doing my own hair . some people may already know my mother is a Hair Stylist . I just watch & learn .. buy the products & do it myself ! ( I did the tracks myself too ) & my hair is ALWAYS THE BEST ! cut, color, wrap, tracks whatever it may be - (EXCEPT RELAXERS) but, if you'd like me to do your hair & you live in the area ; 1O dollars for a silk wrap . . 2O for weave but, you qotta buy your own hair . . I have everything else . . email []

but yeahh anyways, I'm FINALY gonna go get my nails done on tomorrow witch is saturday . . maybe I will hit the club up tonight with my girls . . who knowwws - it's all up in the air !

and tomorrow is VALENTINES DAY ! happy valentines day to EVERYONE out there even if you dont have a valentine . . ( i sort of feel bad for you ) but, still have a good one ; i know i wilL !

i wilL update you sometime this week on my day !


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