Wednesday, March 4, 2009

the bad girls club .

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i already know i ' m not thee only one who watched it . .
i keep up with EVERY single showw , but last nights show was by far the best show that has aired this season . .
Ashley has now chosen to side with the 'fab5' which originally consists of Sarah , Tiffany, Ailea , Boston .

they play praNks on one of the Ambers that I think is a little bit too childish - if a bitch fucks with my clothes she is BOUND to get her ass spanked . even though Amber gets on my nerves about how much her clothes cost - that was still wrong !

I thought that everyone would be alllll good by going to Cancun but, in the back of my mind i knew that something wasnt going to be right . .
Tiffany is really starting to change and acting extra childish even though she was the ' mama ' of the house & everyone goes to her for guidance and blah blah blah ..

we all knew drama would start between the Ambers and The fab 5 in Cancun .

iuno why the fuck Ashley so damn PISSED over a fucking wet body contest . . and tiffany needs to chill out about that fucking Ice .. if you didnt do it oh wellllll move on ; what do you have to prove ?

the fight was VERY unfair ! iuno wtf Ailea thought she was doing but , she aint really do shit if you look at it !
Boston had noooooo right to touch the other Amber . .
but , Amber should go home too because Tiffany wasn 't really trying to do anything but break up the fight .
and Amber hit Tiffany first . .
and for the other Amber to be so ' in love ' with Cookie . . she didn 't help her at all !
i just cant WAIT till next week when i find out who gets sent home and who gets charges pressed against them . .

i think Ailea , Boston & Cookie should go !
what about you ?

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  1. SongBird says:

    man that fight was hella funny...
    cookie got some balls when she punched

    March 4, 2009 at 2:30 PM

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