Tuesday, March 10, 2009

the new episode tonight !

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i will most DEFINATELY update tomorrow !
btw ; i ' ve qot to stop telling people they make me so mad that i want to throw up on their faces . . i jus ' realized - it 's DISGUSTING ! L M F A O
U P D A T E : so , as expected Boston & Ailea qo the boot . i really thought that Cookie was qoinq to press charges on them [ quess i was wrong ] ! Ailea was the bitch who kinda threw Boston under the bus . & i bet once Boston watches everything that Ailea told the police , that bxtch qot a lot coming for her ! Ashley & Sarah honestly have NO REASON to be mad with Amber M . she didn ' t do any thing to them sooo - those bitches are unimportant . i ' m qlad Tiffany finally said something to Ailea about the way she was acting . She called that bxtch out and she couldn ' t do nothing but , do what Tiffany asked her . i think that they allllllll are scared of Tiffany ' cause she is the REALEST in the house . . the rest of them bxtches can qo suck a egg . i ' m glad Ailea & Boston went home . . neither one of them bitches can fight . loord .

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  1. diplomatikk says:

    ailea did throw boston under the bus like shit. she was a puss in front of the pigs, i wasn't feeling thatt.

    March 12, 2009 at 10:50 PM

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