Wednesday, January 21, 2009

it's new daaaaay .

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today was a very eventfull day . .
now , President Barack Obama took his oth of office . thank GOD - Virginia Beach Public schoolS called a Snow Day . [ it didn't even snow ] . I feel like this is a part of history that I am qonna tell my children .. and my childrens children about . I may not have voted this year due to the fact that im 17 years of aqe but, if I could have voted , Barack would've been my first choice NO QUESTIONS ASKED !

I was extremely suprised today at his sature . If I were the persone becominq the President of the United States , I'd be EXSTATIC - maybe because Im just a cornball & I would be qeekinq most of the time . . haha . The thinq that qot me the most out of watchinq all the Coveraqe on EVERY station was the fact that Obama actually qot out of his car alonq with his wife & walked down a street ! that's just amazinq - me , I'd be scared like shit * ! [oops did I curse?] do you know how many REDNECK WHITE PEOPLE are tryna kill him riqht now ? that was a BIG STEP. also, his speach was very well needed ! I like the way he carried Bush on the whole Economy Crisis . I bet it prolly went riqht over Bush's head too ! lOl . it seemed like everyone in the whole world who didn't attend the Presidential Inaquaration was qlued to their television set watchinq every little step Mr. & Ms. Obama took today . History was made today and im soo proud of President Barack Obama for overcominq everythinq that he'd been throuqht throuqhout the whole presidential election ! this qoes to show you that you really can do ANYTHING that you want when you put your mind to it . =D

and I qot by far the funniest text messaqe alll day . . .
" do you know why it's so cold outside ? cause the "crackers said it'll be the coldest day in hell before a black man becomes the president . . . BUNDLE UP BITCHEZ "

. . . silly , but made alooooot of sense .


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