Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I am TRUE to my RELiGiON !

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I have never been the person of expensive pants . the MOST I'd pay for some jeans is atleast 30 dollars from Charlotte Russee . . buy one get one 1/2 off ! lol for someODD reason I have fallen In LOVE with True Religion Jeans . I got a pair for my 17 birthday jus because I was Shopping at the Prime Outlets in Williamsburg and I had cash to blow . . but , mann once I started wearing them . . . I CANT STOP ! They are the BEST ! they fit the body soooo nice , make you appear slimmer and taller and makes my DONK appear much bigger than it already is . . if you havent already purchased a pair go out and buy some ! you' ll love them ! and DONT buy them from OVER PRICED upagainstthewall . . b/c the outlet has them on sale for 89dollars !

&nd I ♥ my Trues !


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