Wednesday, January 21, 2009

it's coming sooner that I'm expecting .

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June 18th 2009 my graduation from high school and moving on into the REAL WORLD. iI have already planned some things . . but, for some reason I dont think what I have planned is going to work with what I have going on right now ! I am so READY to be an adult & I think everyone else you isnt an adult would LOVE to be one too . . taking on major responsiblilities , living on your own without parents, staying out late at night, paying bills . just being the responsible people that your parents raised you to be Part of my biggest fear of being a " young adult " is being without my mom . She may get on my nerves sometimes , and cuts me off when I speak , but I honestly dont think I will be able to live without her ! Everytime we fight, She pulls a " CANT WAIT FOR YOU TO GRADUATE" even though deep , I mean very deep down inside she doesnt want me to leave. I know I can handle myself very well as an adult&also as a young lady while im away in college. I'm just gonna miss her sooooo MUCH! today, my boyfriend asked me to take some of his college papers down to the guidance counselers office in school .. and I was reading them { idc if I wassnt supposed to ! ] and he picked the college that he's going to. anyone heard of Bethune-Cookman ? well , this is my first time hearing about it . it's Located in Daytona Beach, Florida -- and alSo waaaaaaaaay far away from where I will be . reality just struck me 3 times hearder than it ever had before . . we are really going to be leaving each other this year ? I dont know what I am going to do without him ? it's really been on my mind ALLLLL DAY LONG ! im confused - hurt - sad - and scared ! Im scared that he will go down to Florida with all the Beautiful Women and fall into what I would call "lust" but him LOVE. I honestly think that we were meant to be together . hopefully we'll talk about it . . cause I cant live without him ♥

and alSo , Jazmin Fairfeild will kick our asses b/c we're her ' favorite couple ' lOl.
I love you Jazmin & Im DEFINATELY gonna be staying at your crib this weekend so I can fxCk with chico ! haha .

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  1. Anonymous

    this is SO true the last part =] ha that pic ! but kyerra don't worry , yall goin' work it out YALL NOT BREAKiN' UP fxk thaaaaaat !

    January 22, 2009 at 11:29 AM

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