Wednesday, January 14, 2009


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I am completely FURIOUS riqht now. I lost my house key, being the 'irresponsible person' that I am says my mother . I talked to my sister and asked to borrow her key since she'd already be home . . she says 'NO, i will just open the door for you or if im not here , i will leave it in the mailbox' . my intuition told me to just leave a lock opened on the back door, but knowing the fact that she's ALWAYS at home , I just left ( I was running late anyways ) . As my day ends , Im texting her while Im in school to make sure she left the key in the mail box - low and behold ! she pulled a ' I forgot' . So , I called to see if she could come home - honestly I dont think she knows that it's 30 degrees outside and I for one REFUSE to sit outside in the cold . she says 'no - I cant come home ' . . basically I found a way to get in thee house . . and when she gets home im going to curse her ass out then im just gonna search for my key .

would I be wrong if I did ?


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