Thursday, January 29, 2009

' what a quesadilla ?'

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oh no this bitch didnt ! my sister and I were sitting in the house looking for food to eat . it's like somalia in the bitch ! aint no food NOWHERE ! This crazy bitch Tiera openS the fridge & is like - 'Oh, you wanna quesadilla' . now when im thinking quesadilla - im thinking , meat and cheese . oh hellllllll no ! she onlY put cheese in it ! lOl; it's pita bread & cheese ! ahhahahaah-im so weak right now yo ! i swear she was tearing it up ! bahaha. .all I know is-her ass gone be constipated for the rest of the week . now, she sittin beside me trying to explain herseLf! like I just aint see her make that damn "quesadilla"--- try it at home folkS !

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